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Technical Services

I. Preliminary Report

An initial review will be undertaken to analyze the project characteristics and suitability.


The initial review will be comprised of a property development  report (PDR).

The PDR will contain the following elements:


  • Executive summary.

  • Property review.

  • Overview of mandatory brand requirements.

  • Program for the Scope of Works.

  • Optional recommendations.

  • List of any recommended waiver of brand standards.

  • Signage requirements.

  • Schedule of design submittals.

II. Technical Assistance

After singing the Management Agreement, meetings will be scheduled between WHG and   the Owner. 


II. Technical Assistance

After singing the management agreement, meetings will be scheduled between WHG and   the Owner. 

Project Design


  • Kick-off meeting.

  • Review and approval of preliminary information.

  • Follow up visits.

  • Fire Life Safety (FLS) check.

  • Provide design templates.




  • Presentation of full project details and approval of final layouts.

  • Approval of Fire Life Safety (FLS) plans.

  • Mock- up rooms.

  • Design meeting (Color board approval).

  • Approve samples and color references.

  • Approve level of workmanship (in conjunction with Mock-up room  visit)


Site works


  • Receive and respond to site queries office based service with a site  visit (in conjunction with Mock-up room visit).


 Pre-opening services include but are not limited to

  • Recruiting, employing and training Executive Personnel and certain  management,  sales and line staff required for opening the hotel;

  • Providing a task force of to supervise and assist with the planning and execution of the Pre-Opening Services;

  • Assisting Owner in applying for and procuring all Governmental Permits required for the Operation of the Hotel

  • Preparing and delivering a pre-opening business plan for Owner’s approval ninety (90) days before the Opening   Date

  • Implementing a pre-opening sales and marketing plan for the Hotel, including a direct sales and marketing effort;

  • Providing Owner with a list of initial FF&E, Inventories and supplies deemed necessary for the Operation of the   Hotel

  • Assist Owner in the purchase of initial FF&E, Inventories and  supplies.

  • Rendering any other services incidental to the preparation and organization of the Hotel’s operations.

III. Pre-Opening
The successful management of the pre-opening of the hotel is the most important  aspect of the   future success of the hotel.
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